Monday, April 28, 2014

Fever + Hottest week of the year = Miracles

Short pday writing time got cut short due to a trip to the distribution center and technical difficulties as I tried to watch 17 Miracles.

Suffice it to say that I got rather sick this week, and as such, did not work like I would have liked to. But what we did do was so special, as we made sacrifices to serve our friends who needed us, and it's being paid off in blessings in our lives and in their lives as well. More updates to come in this next week, and hopefully some pictures as well, most especially of the baptism of my special friend, Hermana Luz. She is a dear, dear sister who just started visiting the church here in Managua a couple of weeks ago, after having become acquainted with it years ago thanks to her sister, a member in another city. She is so special and so sincere and has such faith and such great desire to follow her Savior, and I am so excited to see her take this first step and continue a life full of faith and devotion to Christ.

I just want to share with you that I know that any sacrifice we make to follow the Lord Jesus Christ more fully and more perfectly turns is so eternally worth it. It turns out to be no sacrifice at all, as he blesses us with more than we ever could have expected. And this time spent testifying of Christ and His restored gospel is some of the best time I'll have in my life.

Hermana Ferrin

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