Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Catching Up: Life in Nicaragua

This is the new missionaries training meeting at the end of October in Managua. There were 5 new missionaries being trained in our zone, which means 10 missionaries from our zone were at this meeting. In order to get back to the bus terminal, we fit 8 of us in a taxi and 2 in a bike taxi (like you'd imagine in Asia. They're here, too). You can just barely see my face in the back. Here we have Elder Shaff taking the picture, and you can see his comp's shoulder. There are two other sisters "not pictured" here because you can't see them behind the other missionaries. Good times.

This was a cumple-mes surprise for me, on November 2. I came back to the house to find the remnants of these cockroaches in my shower; they total about 12 or so. Apparently they were all alive in the afternoon when Hermana Merrill found them. She killed them all, so it ended up being my job to clean them up. Life in Nicaragua. :)

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