Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Life in Estelí

The Hermanas of Distrito Estelí, Rama Cento, after grocery shopping on a pday. Never a dull moment with us. I really love these sisters a lot.

This is a family that I love love love with one of our investigators. In the very front we have 2-year-old Albert, who loves the sister missionaries so much and is probably the funniest kid I've ever met. Every picture he sees of himself, he says "woah, guapo!" I need this kid's self-esteem! Holding Albert is his uncle, Juan Garcia. He was our ward mission leader until he left for his own mission on December 18th in the D.R. He's super pilas and super excited and is going to be awesome. On the right are his mom and sister. His mom reminds me of my Aunt Sylvia, one of the sweetest, most faithful and angelic women I've ever met. She makes me feel so loved and so at home. His sister is 12 and she is super sweet, too, and so funny. One of my best friends here in Estelí.

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